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Why the Throwaway Culture Is So Deeply Embedded in the American Lifestyle

Living in America, one thing is certain – we live in excess consumption.

Whether it’s the endless array of food at a local buffet or the one too many shop-til-you-drop outings, we overconsume, overindulge and continue going for more.

And we find this never ending cycle of consuming and trashing reinforced in many facets of our lives.

But why?

How did we get to this point where we’re not satisfied with one item so much so that we would throw it out to get another one just like it?

Here are some ideas as to how and why the throwaway culture became synonymous with our modern lifestyle in America:

When we step back and look at all these reasons as to why we live in a throwaway society now, the underlying themes center around convenience, successful marketing of single-use products and fear.

As a result, the throwaway mentality has been engrained in most of us for all of our lives. And breaking free from it may seem like an impossible task.

Americans, let alone the rest of the world, have had a taste of the convenient throwaway lifestyle. And taking away the convenience isn’t an ideal situation.

But if we can embrace a change and are willing to try an alternative method, we can find convenient solutions that offer the same result and help reduce the environmental impact.

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